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Overlaying copyright symbol on a lot of photos...


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Hi there

I have a few questions:

First- How do I take pictures from a cd and make a "batch" in photoshop to then follow these instructions:


"I created and recorded an action that...... first resized each image, placed the marking over the top, put her sig in the corner and then her site name under this. stoped recording and saved it then having all the originals in various folders I told each batch comand where to grab the photo's from and save them to a different folder. Once that was set I ran it and walked away and made coffee while photoshop did all the work....... it was brilliant and took about 5 minutes to do about 400 photo's"


Second- how do I create and record an action that will place a copyright mark with my logo? I need more specific step by step instructions on how to create a batch and make photoshop overlay my copyright symbol with logo on a group of about 100 photos.


Thanks so much,


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