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Help With Making An Image Appear To Be Floating.


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I will attach the original preview and the way mine currently looks. sorry I don't yet have a server post my work on yet.


As you can see I have to images that need to me moved. the brown "Icon pack" straight up about 25 pixles and then the social media icons moved off to the right side just outside of its container but appear it's connected.


When the brown image is moved up the top gets cut off.

When the social media icons are moved to the right I get a horizontal scroll bar on that section


Would it be best to take these two images outside of the container and just absolutely position them?







Thank you

post-69424-002743600 1366700549_thumb.jpg

post-69424-097376300 1366700646_thumb.png

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I uploaded what you gave me, but it's not enough to work with: http://aandbwebdesign.com/KSforum/mango.html


I'm missing the graphics and 2 style sheets. I usually need to play around with the code to figure it out, and cannot just see the problem by looking at it, but without having the images, it's pointless in this situation.


However, even if you provide all that's missing, having to put it together on our end first just to see what really is going on, makes things very time-consuming. Check with your host, often, they offer some server space as part of their package, or find a free or cheap host. I once did business with 3ix.org - they have accounts for $1/month. Wouldn't recommend them for client use, I had too many hacking issues while with them, but for practice, they'd be just fine.


Also, while I'm not totally clear on the intend of that page, it looks like those icons should be links. For that, they should be inserted into the HTML, not background images.

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Yea they 3 social media icons should be links but even then would face the same problem. The bigger "icon pack" I figured was showing off the icons on display. as if they were selling them. I just couldn't figure out how to get those images to side up/off the brown element they sit on.


I might just have to get that hosting. would I be able to post things without a domain name? I was looking at ipage.com to set up my own site but have been putting that off due to lack of content.


Im not able to upload the rest of the files on here. It seems I have hit my 1MB upload quota.

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