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It has just been pointed out to me that all the emails on one of my sites all go to the same person. Now they are set up with javascript to go to individuals. This is the page http://www.holytrinity-madeira.org/meet_us.php

All the forwarders are in place, but I notice that when you click on the link it opens with the same email address for all.

Any help on this one please.

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Thanks Virtual, will get someone else to check that out as one of the Church wardens uses Firefox on Mac.


Seemed to remember you helped out once before on some css, as it rendered differently on the mac. Now got a problem with it on IE7 and a bit on IE8.


Hoping someone will have the solution for me.

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I think it's happening because you're setting onclick="parent.location=Mailme" and not an actual e-mail address. Everytime the script runs that sets the email, it will overwrite the previous Mailme variable. So when the browser finishes rendering that page, var Mailme will have treasurer@holytrinity-madeira.org.


However if you do


document.write("onclick=\"parent.location="+Mailme+"\"> ");


It should fix the mail problem.


However it still doesn't fix the Mac problem, it seems like a Javascript issue, Mac's don't understand parent.location or something, not really sure what the problem is as I'm on a PC.

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Well another option is to create a different variable each time. Mailme1, Mailme2, Mailme3 etc, that way your variables won't get overwritten.





Sorry on my original post I forgot the single quotes. Here's the revised version:



Note the single quotes before and after "+Mailme+"

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