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Hi Everybody,


Good day

I have been facing little bit problem with my latest PSD to html project. I couldn’t adjust padding and text/image at the bottom of the page. So, I attached a screen shoot "bg position" along with my project files. I like to arrange my bottom end according to the screen shoot image.


I like to ensure you that there has no virus in my attached file.


So, please see the both files and helps me to identify the problem.


Thank you.

bg position.zip

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I am like Ben in one of your last post, confused. You are following along with a well written tutorial. So my questions are. Are you modifying the code before you make it work as intended? Are you formatting the code to make it easy to read? Are you checking for typos. Typos is the biggest problem that I have when trying to self teach myself a new coding language. Something that will help, if you have two monitors put the tutorial on one monitor and your code editor on the other. If not just make two windows side by side for you can see what you have written and make sure it matches the tutorial code. If you are trying to edit the tutorial code, do not. Make the site work the way that it is intended then go back and try to make some changes to experiment and learn.


Do not get me wrong glad to help. In these situations what I do is look at your code and look at the tutorial code and find your mistake. But as Andrea said a link to your work is by far better and much easer then creating a site. Depending on your web host you should be abel to make what is called a sub domain. Mine lets me make unlimited ones. Good for checking code live and you can host your clients also.

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