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Business Of Web Design Tip #1

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I have a friend of mine who is a relatively new independent web designer/programmer, he comes to me for advice every now and then ... sometimes he has general questions and other times he has problems to fix.


... Anyway, I figure I would start chronicling some of his challenges and the questions he puts to me.


Business of Web Design Tip #1


Make sure you have a clear termination clause in your contract!




Some clients can be really annoying where they keep coming back to you for more and more 'simple little changes' ... long after the contract and the major work is completed. A reasonable number of minor fixes and updates should be expected after the major work has been done, but some clients will try to get you to do freebies for them, weeks or even months after the job was completed.


You can help avoid this by having these things in your contract:


  1. Make sure your contract details what EXACT features and services your are providing.
  2. Note in the contract that they have a limited number of change request. Say three for example.
  3. Note in the contract that when final payment is received, that the payment acknowledges the job is done.
  4. Have a clause in the contract that says YOU CAN FIRE THEM anytime you like - this is the termination clause.



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