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Applying basic flash or animated text wording to a header banner


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I want to be able to have few different sentences and words change a few times in a header banner when the page first loads for visitor to it etc also the background - please see what I mean a great example is at http://www.tommcarthy.com/ and also http://www.avonhypnotherapy.co.uk/


I have purchased flash CS3 -Does anyone know some good free video tutorials on line ?

that can take you step by step HOW to do this sort of thing baring in mind I am totally new to the flash software ad never ever used it!


(or written instructions BUT prefer video!)


HOW do you think the tommcarthy.com was perhaps done please anyone?


its fab!


I presume various backgrounds were made in maybe something like photoshop perhaps also the wording on them etc and then imported into flash to play it on the layers/time line thing?

(excuse my ignorance!) and converted into .swf f file and placed into his header banner.


Thanks guys


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