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Guest yoojin

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Guest yoojin



I work for a restaurant group and am the IT person. Had a design concept and asked our internal person to create a website for the group and the site above is what he created. Can you please critique the site and let us know what everyone thinks and where we could use improvement?


The links to our other sites are active.

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The main thing is to avoid Flash intro pages ( better make Flash includes into the home page with actual content. Make the path to important information ( location, prices, menu) as short as possible, so when visitor get to the home page, he can see most of it right away.

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Latecomer to this post, but something else to think about:

I have scripts tightly locked in FF and I wasn't able to see any of the content except for the bottom links.

I saw placeholders for the flash objects.

Granted, I could temporarily allow these objects, but if I (or anyone) do will they take 2 days to load?

Perhaps something to think about.

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