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Extension For Include Files


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I just mean when I work on the files of my site - since all the includes will be named whatever.inc and all the actual pages are somepage.php, I'll immediately know what I'm working on without thinking or checking. To me, this is just a small thing that helps me keep it simpler. But as I said, if there are any deeper, more technical reasons to chose one over the other, I'm not aware of them, and I have never bothered to research.

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There's really no real advantage one over the other. However, I agree with Andrea thus this allows you to keep your pages and includes seperate making the obvious as to what they are. .inc seems to be the most common to using include files but you can certainly use other extensions such as .html, htm, php, .txt, etc.


If you work with .asp on Windows server the same thing applies except you have to .asp instead of .php. In rare cases I have using .asp and php together on a Windows server and use one common include to run both .asp pages and php pages.

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