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Safari 4 gets 11 million downloads in a few days.

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I thought it might be interesting to learn that Safari seems to be making inroads with regards to the browser wars - 11 million downloads in three days is not bad!


For me though, what is really interesting is that more than half of the downloads were from Windows users. So what do you guys think of Safari's importance going forward? I am thinking that it is now part of the big three:


  • IE
  • Firefox
  • Safari



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Glad to see it. Unfortunately number three usually is way behind in the numbers. For example, Coke, Pepsi, Royal Crown or Bud, Miller, Coors. Anyway, it should be a plus for Apple if it helps convert windows users into mac users. Will this speed up the release of windows 7? Should be interesting to watch.

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I like Safari 4... they added a built in spell checker, built in a speed dial type view for your favorites so you can have a bunch of web sites onscreen and just click what you want to visit... no complaints so far... then again it has been but 25 hours...


Just checked the changes...


Acid 2 support

first browser to pass Acid 3

HTML 5 support

CSS 3 web fonts

CSS 3 Canvas support

SVG 1.1 support

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