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Background Images not showing up in some versions of IE6 & 7


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Does anyone know anything about why background images would not show up in some versions of IE6 or 7? It seems to work in FF across the board and only in some versions of IE. Would some settings somewhere within each browser be causing it to display differently?


Any help would be appreciated.



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I've had that happen before. It's a strange issue. Can you post a link so we can take a look? It might be something as simple as you've added an extra space somewhere. Check the CSS where you have url(imagename.jpg). There should be no space between url and the ( .

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Thanks for the reply.


I didn't see any space issues. Sorry, I can't provide a link as it's an intranet site and we're still building, but here is the code:




However, I should mention that it works on my version of ie6 and 7 but not my co-workers.

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