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Design & Slice a Photoshop Mockup to Dreamweaver

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Hi all,


looking for information on the following:


No. 1: Any good tutorials out there that show the following steps: a)

creating the mockup in photoshop. B) slicing the mockup and c) getting

it working in Dreamweaver, marking it up with xhtml / css i.e. the

whole process.


No. 2: Which is better to use photoshop initially and then dreamweaver

or just design the website in dreamweaver alltogether - what is the

preference of most web designers - what's the trend or current practice?




Andy R ;)

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Well here is how to slice up an image in photoshop.



If you try and let dreamweaver code it for you. Your next question will be, why is my website broken, and why does my website look different in all browsers? Avoid the frustration and learn to hand code it yourself. It's the only way that works. Or, atleast works without a hundred errors.

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I agree. I wish this "slicing" had never been devised as it always seems to create hundreds of td cells in lots of tables and it's incredibibly difficult to sort out missing or extra tags later on.


Learn to code html and css manually using divs, not tables.


There's usually no need to slice images, you use whole images as background images or normal images and can layer other images or text on top if you want.

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