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Sorting HTML Table by alphabet<A-Z)?

Guest Srinivas

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JavaScript is supported on most browsers today so it's safe to assume at least 90% of your visitors can use this feature. The other 10% will have to live without a sorted table I guess.


Not if it is sorted within the SQL query and not with JavaScript.


As for browser support... yes if all you look at is Browsers on computers then that is a correct assumption. If you consider the number of people using alternative user agents on alternative hardware like assitive technologies for the disabled, came consoles, game pads, cell phones etc. etc. then it is a very dangerous assumption and it is more like 10% that do support it.


Why do something in a language not as widely supported as you think and that can be turned off if you can do it server side so it is send alphabetized already?

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You're right LSW, but I'm just answering his question, instead of suggesting him another way to do it. Maybe he wants to do it using Javascript, it's not mine or your decision to make. Maybe he's trying to implement this on a closed protected area that only certain people can access, which all use Javascript supported browsers. Maybe he's not designing his website to be accessed by Mobile phones or Games consoles. :P

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Or maybe it is not being thought of... so I am arguing better ways of doing things so they can make an informed decision. No it is there decision, but they need as much info to make a good decision as possile.

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