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Is It Possible To Download Atlantic.net Theme?


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Hello all members,

I would like to download the exact theme which currently atlantic.net is using into my localhost (PC) and want to customize it like my way. I really like that joomla template, but I don't have much money to buy any premium template at this stage. Moreover, I am still a learner. So, is it possible to download whole theme/site of Atlantic.net? I have heard that, there are some sites from where I can download any websites template/Full website(s), is it true?

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It looks like it's a customized version of the Avalon Template: https://www.joomlashack.com/joomla-templates/item/609-avalon-joomla-template


Can you download the template? Kindof. There are tools out there that let you download a website, such as http://www.httrack.com/, but they do it based on grabbing the HTML/CSS/images, and it won't include any server side files (.php, etc). You're not going to be able to download the Joomla template and have it work properly without any work in Joomla. The only way to do that is to buy the original template.


Obviously, though, you can't simply copy another person's site and claim it as your own, even after edits. Their work is protected by copyright. It is OK to use it as a plate for experimentation, but it shouldn't be posted online. If you're looking for something to learn on, you'd be much better off finding a free Joomla template so you can see how Joomla and the Joomla templating process works.

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