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tooltip which is safari 2.0.4 happy


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Yeah I know.... awful ancient buggy browser.... but we have to dev for it in the govt on some projects.


So, I've been looking for a tooltip that is happy with Safari 2.0.4 .... and had no luck so far.


Would prefer it to be able to handle AJAX and therefore load in content from an external html page, but I think this is the main thing Safari can't handle (re-writing the DOM).


Cluetip (jQuery) was promising, until we tested it on Safari 2.0.4 and it totally crashed it. It seems most tooltips don't even consider listing what they actually work on (just look at http://plugins.jquery.com/search/node/tooltip+type%3Aproject_project?page=1 for instance).


If anyone has any insight, that would be great.


If it's a jQuery tooltip, it has to work with jQuery 1.2.6 (as Safari can't handle 1.3x). I'm even willing to consider an alternative framework (mootools etc) if it plays happy with the jQuery 1.2.6 scripts we have running (shadowbox etc).


help! :)

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