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New PHP Video Podcast ... in HD!


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I just released a new video podcast where I answer a few questions put to me about php. In this php video I answer these questions:


1. Do you need to learn the Zend Framework?

2. Do you need a PHP certificate?

3. How does PHP fit into Web 2.0.


I am using a totally new video format for this video and would appreciate your comments, good and bad about it.





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For me the video started and stopped several times until I switched to normal quality, which was fine. I have a pretty slow cable connection. The video was great. Being very new to web design, I was glad to hear you explain how to put php to work in some real life examples, for example using wordpress and thanks for explaining how the Zend Framework ties into php. I would love for you to talk more about Zend.

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Excellent intro into PHP there Stefan :) :cool:


You came across very cleanly and to the point. I'm pretty sure it will help to boost peoples' encouragement in wanting to really get 'stuck in'.


It certainly will give me the encouragement to hopefully nail the basics, more so now, in-order to have that Zend framework elevate my potential usefulness in PHP.


I'm currently settled reading PHP with 'PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Designs Made Easy', by David Powers. I wish though I could learn stuff fast, but it takes an awful long time for stuff to be absorbed by my puny brain, so I'm taking my time, making notes, highlighting areas, doing practically anything that will help me to recognize and remember this stuff.


I was getting into PHP last year, but got hung up with the proper use of single and double quotes, of all things. :rolleyes: You know, you read one thing and you can't fathom why someone else prefers another way of doing things without explaining the differences.


Keep up the good work there Stefan. :cool:

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I appreciate the kind words.


With regards to learning PHP, they key is to write code .. don't try to memorize things. Trust me, after a few real-life cracks at writing even simple PHP scripts, this stuff will begin to commit to memory on its own!




Final point, with the power of Google behind us, we don't have to worry about forgetting things ... just Google it when something slips your mind. At this point in my career, I've certainly forgotten more than I currently know!


... No matter, as long as the basic concepts are firmly understood, all that you've forgotten can be relearned in a heartbeat.


I hope that helps,



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