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Built In Java Script Functions And Event Handlers?

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I was wondering if there was a website or book that listed all the built in Java script functions, or even browser Dom properties?


What I am saying is how do people learn of the built in's like new Array, onClick, if, else, whenever. other than learning it from word of mouth?


I couldn't even seem to find the built in functions even on the W3S website, at least not all in one place {like a list of them}.


Then there are all kinds of DOM objects with their properties, which I must say is somewhat clearly found at W3School, but it would be nice if there is a list with all of them named in one place. But I would really like to know if there is an official list of the built in Javascript functions and properties and event handlers all in one place, so that I could reference them from there. Why attempt to create a function especially if one already exists, and why accidentally use a reserved keyword in a custom function that could cause one to be committed for brain damage in a near by mental institution because they spent weeks trying to find logic in the logic of an error that seemed illogical?


Nerds live a dangerous life which is probably why they are so stringent on defining terms, so they at least have an idea what hit them in the undefined world of script.

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Thanks grabenair,;

sorry it took me so long to reply back, that site looks like they cover the java script functions.


I guess it just that I am new to this and I am not used to the constant searching for nid bits of information, in the old days someone would have given a pretty complete composite in a book, but I guess times have changed and scripting evolves to fast to find it practical to list all functionality.


Anyway, I so appreciate your response.




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