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HELP! Format different on Firefox, IE7 and IE8. View sample.

Guest jpineira

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Guest jpineira

Hello, I'm having trouble with a website I just designed. You may visit it at: http://www.touchdiscountdayspa.com

The main problem you may see is that the content on firefox is pushed up and the slide show is not aligned with the background picture. Also the footer text is too large on firefox. Can you please help!!


The webite looks perfect on IE 7 and some little glitches on IE8 but with firefox the flash slide show is my biggest concern. What did I do wrong? Thank you!!

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First, I had to mute my speakers. I don't want to listen to a website, I have my TV on.


You went wrong on several places - the validator shows 64 errors!! and that with a transitional doctype. Use html 4.01 strict instead.


The stylesheet link belongs in the

section, not the header division.


The dropdown of your links isn't working in firefox - for one, they should be designed as ONE list with sub-lists. You do not need one list for each item.


The footer text looks about the same in IE7 and Fx - but maybe you already fixed that with the style 3.


I cannot say anything about the slideshow - it looks aligned to me, but the left upper section seems a bit slow to update. Not sure it that's some desired effect or a glitch.

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