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How can I best position the content on this site? (also, general crit)


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Working on this site now. http://tinyurl.com/qhqna2 (please don't quote the name of the site)

stylesheet: http://tinyurl.com/o9xowf


Right now it's positioned by padding it 80 px from the top but I don't like that. On a lower resolution monitor it needlessly crops off the bottom in favor of white space on top. How can I give it a more dynamic vertical positioning so that it would adjust better to the height of the browser window? The site is supposed to be in a fixed box like that, I'm just looking to give the positioning of the box a little more flexibility.


Also, I'm using Eric's awesome 'wrapper' footer code to keep the copyright info at the bottom which has worked for me in the past but isn't working now in IE on the PC (the footer is just stuck to the bottom of the box) but is fine elsewhere.


There are some validation issues that WordPress is introducing (I'm hacking the hell out of WP for this).


Finally, if anyone has any general comments I'd love to hear them. The fonts look great on my mac but not so much on my PC. Them's the breaks I guess.


(also as a sidenote all the paintings in the slug galleries are mine for now :cool: )

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The page position is the same in 800 x 600 or 1024 x 800 or even when I scroll down to 200 x 200px, so it is using a percentage of the Screen resolution.

The Laptop I am on uses a 1280 x 780 display, so I can't check it on any larger screen sizes.

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