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IE6 displays the page different. Help!

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Ok! That has fixed the links. Thanks!!!! :D


This has corrected the

problem and the links are showing in a single line. But the bar at the bottom is still not displaying properly. I have used absolute positioning for the bar.
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Worked!! But there is still one problem. When i rollover the the mouse the rollover bar still shows in the previous position, which is after the end of the links. I tried adding 'clear:both' to the span element, but doesn't work.


Thanks a lot for all your help :)

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I'm not totally sure... You may try adding "display:block; float:left; clear:both" and see if that does it. That's just a guess though. As I said above, you could just add a conditional comment just for IE6 that gives the span a negative left value to move it into place.

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