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Newbie Entering The World Of Adobe


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Good evening all


I am just about ready to start learning PS CS4. I bought a tutorial from Deke McClelland from Barnes and Noble. Has anyone heard of him or bought is Tutorials? I purchased a video Tutorial One on One and reviews online are good, but did not know if anyone here has used his tutorials.

On a 2nd note, I am looking forward to putting my artistic background to work and begin using CS 4, and my question to the webs #1 forum is...How long do you think I could expect until I can actually have a basic grasp before using on sites? Also - is After Effects a good program to buy as well?


Why I did not start Design & Development years ago...is a daily question I ask myself.


thank you in Advance



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I haven't personally used his tutorials... I'm pretty much self taught.


It really shouldn't take you that long to get the basics... A week maybe? Photoshop has a LOT of functionality, so it's one of those programs where you are almost always learning something new whenever you start a new project.


You might also want to look at http://psd.tutsplus.com/.


After Effects -- as far as I know -- isn't really web related. It deals more with video/video editing. It probably isn't necessary, unless you see yourself doing that sort of thing a lot.

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After Effects is Photoshop on Steroids. If you plan on being in the movie, video or TV industry, then you will definitely need it, along with the mastery of a whole load of other software.


Deke McClelland is a well known name in the industry and I am sure you will learn a lot from his course. Photoshop is a fantastic tool whichever branch of the industry you wish to enter. If you are artistic there are a lot of different avenues to explore in Photoshop.

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