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I have a customer who has been given permission to use a vendor site in another country as his own in the US. All he needs it to change the links to his US GoDaddy site (all the data, images, etc.) will be copied from the original site and used locally.


My problem is when I copied the css and re-named it on my end (I updated all the links in the site to the new css) it is not working. Is there any way I can still point to their css but create another locally to point to their images?


Is there something I am possibly missing when coping their css?



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If the link from the html document to your CSS is correct (verify path and also note that file names are case sensitive), there is no reason this should not work.


If you update any links to images on the other site to the full path: http://whatever.com/img/whatever.jpg --- or whatever the correct location is, also no reason this should not work.

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