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Is There Anything Missing in Killer Site?


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Hi All


As you know that the Killer Site [dot] com team is working fantastic.


I appreciate all it does and I am so thankful to them that I have leant more and more.


As you know that the forum contain PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more, I think there is an important thing missing, and that is MySql.


As you know that the MySql works with PHP side by side, there for I request the killer Site team to make section for MySql too.


I will appreciate it




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Probably not a bad idea to add MySql, maybe even as a sub-category to PHP or something.

As you know that the Killer Site [dot] com team is working fantastic.
We put spaces in urls to break up the actual words to prevent possible spamming and folks posting links to their stuff to possibly benefit from backlinks, but allow us to still find the sites to help them out.



Since THIS IS Killersites, nobody will mind if you just say it: www.killersites.com !!!!

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I will appreciate if MySql is added to this forum but not as a sub-category!!!


Let MySql have its own category & let PHP have its own.


The question which I have, for which I request for MySql category, is not related to PHP, there for, if MySql category is not a separate like other categories, me and other users like me will be confused!!!


| The | Choice | is | Yours |



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Dear Thelma


Are you a Philosopher?


Your sentences are like the philosopher, which take time for me to understand. Like:

What part didn't make any sense?

This sentence may be so simple to you, but I was unable to get what you mean, as I live in Central Asia and my English is not good as yours.


You may write ( as i got) :

(what is difficult to you ?)


Do not mind, but if you write clearly what you mean by your reply, it will help me understand sooner.

In my post number 3 when I asked you, you could also replay with ?YES? or ?NO?.

If I was right, then ?Yes?, if not, then ?No? and the details/reason!

I appreciate your good work for www.killersites.com, as you are always the first to replay to my question in this forum, and I am so thankful for that.


I still do not understand what you mean, should I write:

1. www.killersites.com

2. killersites [dot] com

3. Killersites


(This not means that you will not replay to any of my question in the future, I only want to explain, not to hurt you, if you are hurt by me, I apologize for that)




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"KS" is also fine. We know where we are at so spelling it out complete with www or .com seems overkill. I'm lazy and KS is fine.


I agree with a separate category, but I would say SQL. MySQL is just a version of the language like T-SQL or SQLPlus for Oracle...


If we have a SQL section people will mearly have to state which flavor. of course SQL questions could be SQL Database Questions or SQL Language questions... MySQL Language or MySQL Database...


I think the biggest issue is experience. Do we have any really experienced people here to answer? many of us have played with MySQL at least, some may have used it on odd occasions... but true SQL users? Off the top of my head I could only list Myself and Stef. I work in SQL, SQL Plus every day, I have worked with SQL servers and now work with Oracle... but compared to my fellow state workers... I hesitate to consider myself an expert and I am sort of dropping out of the forum for a while for personal reasons.


So opening a board is easy, we could make boards for every thing possible. But by having the board, the user expects we have the expertise to back it up. I am not sure we have the experience here right now to help with anything more than the basics.


But that said I think a SQL forum would be OK, question is if you users feel it would be helpful enough to you for Stef to start one?

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