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Top 5 Tools For Begginer Designer?

Guest linda2013

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1. HTML/CSS editor like MS Expression Web or Dreamweaver or just a simple Notepad editor.


2. Firefox's Web Developer and Firebug plugin.


3. Graphics editor like Photoshop which seems to be the most common use for creating web designs but there are others that are a bit cheaper or free.


4. Need all major browsers for testing; IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


5. FTP such as Filezilla for quick and easy ftp access. I use it to transfer big chunks of files.


Additional Tools I use:


6. Xenu Link Sleuth or any other link verification program. That will help find any dead or broken links.


7. Compare and Merge (or similar) that will allow you to compare and merge codes between two files.


8. A PDF creator.


9. Windows Grep. A great tool to search a keyword or phrase or code within a list or group of files. For instance, you may be using a shopping cart program call Zen Cart and you've made some custom modification to the core files. Ideally, you would add your comment to the code change as a verifiable way to see that the code is customized especially if you have tons of code changes Then maybe a year later Zen Cart has a new upgrade version and you really don't want to overwrite your custom codes and this is where Windows Grep comes in. You would download all the Zen Cart current site (customized) files to your computer and run WG to find all instances of your comment. You will then see a list of files that you have customized and there exact line number. Thereafter, this is when you use Compare and Merge program. If you have a MAC, I am sure there is such a program similar to Windows Grep.


10. Hearts or Solitaire. Helps to get your mind off problems that you are unable to resolve. After playing a few hands, the problems seems to now come with solutions. If that doesn't work, get a box of chocolate. :)

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stereo vision

: better shape perception (solids, free form);-


spatial input

: 3D interaction advantages from real life skills;-


six degrees of freedom

(6DOF): translation and rotation based control;-


head tracking

: enhancement of navigation and model insight;-


mixed reality

: fusion of digital (virtual) images with real world;-


tangible interfaces

: improvement of precision\usability due to real object devices;-


interaction freedom

: encouragement of creativity and of the development of newideas

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1. killersites.com

2. A computer

3. A code editor

4. A graphics program

5. A willingness to learn new things everyday

6. Patience

7. Learn how to do research online

8. Willingness to shut off your TV "


I like this feed back! LOL...It's clear and funny also!

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