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Fireworks? (JavaScript)

Guest shai

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Guest shai

Hi I'm new to the site. I want to say thanks for the awesome information here, I've only been a member for a couple of days and have allready learned so much.


Does anyone have any experience with fireworks cs3. I am having trouble creating a dropdown menu. When I preview my menu in the IE the text on the submenus does not show up? It's really wierd and I can't figure out what the problem is, any help? Or maybe an easier way to make a dropdown in dreamweaver, rather than using fireworks. If anyone can at least point me in the right dirrection I would be gratefull.


I have a basic understanding of html, and css, but javascript is still over my head-so take it easy on me with any code :D





[Although about a Fireworks problem, the problem involves JavaScript so I felt this the better forum. LSW]

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There will be others in this forum that will be able to give you more specific answers to your question, but in order to analyze a problem, we need to see your code.


Best is to post a link to your website, even if it is "in progress". Do you have a hosting service where you can post it?


As far as "Fireworks" is concerned, I know only the 4th of july stuff. Others in here may know much more.


Welcome to the forum!

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I use Fireworks... but never trusted any "Machine created scripts."


I am a great fan of Fireworks and find it superior to Photoshop for web work... but you are better off using other scripts found on the net or even avoiding JavaScript all together rather than trusting a script created by any machine.

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I actually use Dreamweaver and Fireworks on a daily basis. However I never used them to create any scripts and code, Fireworks and Dreamweaver created code is so hard to read, and although it does the job, it's chunky, cluttered, messy, and people who use it will never learn how to actually create these things, in my humble opinion. If you wish to learn, learn it the proper way:




This is called "Son of Suckerfish" drop-down style menu, which is a re-worked version of the old "Suckerfish" menu and it can incorporate multiple levels of dropdowns, which works for IE 6+ and all other browsers. It's not hard to implement if you know a bit of HTML, and the Javascript code is actually constant, meaning you don't have to change anything except copy it & paste those few lines of code. There's a fair bit of CSS play, but it's all explained with lots of nice examples on the actual website, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, i decided to provide u with the link.


Good luck.

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