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Form Not Working Right In Firefox

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Here is my site, http://www.midwestwebdesignstudio.com


Everything is going well until I went and did a cross browser check. The problem on my contact page. In Fire Fox When you focus on a form input field the field gets smaller and has a black outline. The outline is supposed to be blue. The smaller effect is only on my MacBook pro, only the color change on the PC.


I am used to dealing with IE problems, this is new to me. I am not all that worried about the color change, although I would like to know why it is happening. I am more worried about the form input getting smaller on focus.



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Had a few minutes, and I was right. It's due to the CSS you apply to the :focus parts of the form - they change the font and other dimensions, hence the jump.


Btw - that light blue in your copyright line is almost impossible to see. The yellow doesn't work for me at all, but the dark blue hover you had first also wasn't right - too little contrast. And in your tagline, 'design' needs to be capitalized, but 'for' should not be. This is not consistent throughout.

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Thanks Andrea, I was not sure about the yellow either. I wanted to add a little contrast. The yellow is where I left off. I have been using the color scheme designer web site trying to come up with a good combo. I am not very good at getting the color contrast down. I have gotten better over the years but it is still the hardest part of web designing for me.

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