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IE Displaying Different Text Color


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I can't think of an IE bug that would cause text to be a different color.


If it affects the whole page, look carefully at the body style and then work down through the p tag styles, the h tag styles and containers checking for a style that overides a previous one or a spelling mistake. Sometimes one browser will guess what you want while another doesn't. Check that you have the # before the color code and ; afterwards.


color: #eeeeee;


Firefox has an add-on that shows all inherited styles for any part of your markup but I don't know the name of it.

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Also, I've had trouble before if I have the links in the wrong order. If you already knew this, I apologize for repeating it, but they should be in this order:








If you need more assistance with this, let us know.

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Guest mrodrigues

I have the same problem sted above. If you can go to http://www.dulfar.com/default.asp, both using google chrome and Internet explorer.

Using IE, you can see the difference between the background color of the top left image. In google chrome you can't!!!


How can i solve this?



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