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Multiple External Style Sheets


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Hello All

Being fairly new to Dreamweaver and the use of CSS external Style Sheets I need some advice on the use of multiple style sheets for different page layouts in the same website. I intend to have an intro page and main content pages, and will use div tags to centre pages and contain backgrouds etc., so body and wrapper divs would differ from the intro to main content pages.

So is it OK to use 2 style sheets which would be placed in the CSS folder?


Any advice greatly appreciated

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Yes, it's OK to use multiple stylesheets.


However, I don't really see any problem with using a single stylesheet that controls multiple page layouts. For example, you could add a class to the body tag on the page that would indicate the layout you are using on that page, then use that class when adding styling. For example:


.layout1 #header { ...one set of styles for the header in layout #1... }


.layout2 #header { ...another set of styles for the header in layout #2... }

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