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I'd go with HTML 4.01 strict instead of XHTML transitional. See HTML or XHTML


Instead of

Featured Work


Other Sites I enjoy

, use tags.


There's a period behind 'plate' and nothing behind 'enjoy' - How about a colon for both - or nothing?


Italics are hard to read.


Under the 'iPhone', 'photography', and 'tutorials': On the web, underlines imply LINK - why not just underline those instead of saying 'Click here for whatever' - that is so 1995, when folks still needed step-by-step guidelines on that click concept.


The "Welcome, I am a freelance...." works on the index page as an intro/explanation, but seems a bit much showing up on every page.


On the About Me page, you again have the "What I can do for you" with a period, and nothing following the other header. And the pink hover is a bit much for me.


Link to "tutorials' isn't there yet (but you probably know that).


Overall, I'm not too fond of the all black background - but that's clearly one of those subjective things.


And I just notice the pink favicon. Pink only shows on that one hover and the favicon - just doesn't tie into the entire design for me at all.

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indeed top menu and the header put down the whole layout. Top menu will look better with other font , and something is missing in the header: good font choice but may be logo is missing or some picture?

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The fav icon shouldn't be pink. I changed it a while ago. It should have PSD in it with the blue color. I still have some grammatical errors to fix, but thanks for your input. I will take your comments into consideration. As far as under the tutorials and photography those are images. Not actual text so should I change the image to have the text underlined. The font looks good for the nav on a mac, but windows sucks at rendering text. I'll be making changes as it progresses. Thanks again.

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