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Oh Please Help - Simple Link Colour Change


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Using frames - Trying to make my navigation links in the top frame a different colour when the page is active, i.e. you click on ABOUT from a list in the top frame, the main frame changes to the About page, and the ABOUT link changes colour whilst you are on that page.


Help for a beginner would be appreciated - i.e. simpler the better!


I have been messing around with classes, body tags and lots of other things I don't really understand, for what seems like forever.


Trying to basically do the first suggestion on this tutorial - http://www.impressivewebs.com/current-page-link-styles/


The guy (or girl) says this....


"The only thing you have to make sure of is that the location of the class gets changed depending on the page you’re on. For example, the HTML shown above would appear on the “Products” page, but on the “Contact” page the “current” class would be moved to the “Contact” link."


...but doesn't explain how to do it! Which is the difficult bit?!


Any help?



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For starters: Frames are a BAD idea. It's outdated, and has more problems than it's worth. Is there any particular reason you want to be using them?


However, if you insist, I gather your navigation file is the same on every page, so you wouldn't not have the option of adding the active class to any specific page. In that case, add an id to the body tag for each page. Example:


<body id="homeP">


<body id="productsP">




for the navigation, add an ID to each nav item. Example:

<li id="home">Home</li>
<li id="products">Products</li>


In your CSS:


#homeP #home a, #projectP #project  a { 	background: black; 	color: red; }

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