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Only On Mac And Chrome Problem


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I just redid my portfolio site and on the Mac the background gradient looks funny. You can see my div lines, but go away after scrolling. What i meen is the gradient changes shade. This is only on my Mac and only in Chrome on the pc and all of the other browsers it looks fine. My question is has anybody else in-countered this problem and if so is there a fix?


I am not sure that I should be posting this with my portfolio site, but if not I am sure Andrea will zap me.

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No need to zap you - sometimes, forum choice is a very subjective decision.


I did look at your portfolio site in Chrome, and I didn't notice anything off-looking. BUT....

I looked at your code on the portfolio page and saw this:


<!doctype html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
</head><!doctype html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<link href="[url="http://www.midwestwebdesignstudio.com/_css/style.css"]_css/style.css[/url]" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<meta name="keywords" content="web designer, web developer, web design company," />
<meta name="description" content="The place for all of your web design and development needs." />


I also noticed the following:

  • Hovering over the navigation makes the entire thing jump.
  • Maybe I have this wrong, but to me, the ISP is whoever brings the internet to my house - has nothing to do with my website (other than me needing it to upload it to my HOSTING ACCOUNT....
  • Let me know when you're done, and I'll look through all your text for missing and/or misplaced commas, grammatical issues, and typos....
  • There's also a weird jump of the entire page as it loads - it's as if the FAcebook thing comes in later and has to make room for itself by pushing the rest of the page further down.


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I fixed my dumb doctype mess up. I did not know the site would even work at all with that extra stuff in it and do not know how i did it. I am guessing copying and pasting.


I fixed the jumping menu. The problem was that I put a | after the closing li tag on each link. I took it out and added the class to put a border right on the links.


The facebook thing I can not figger out. I think it is the javascript.


I think the problem that I am seeing on my Mac Book pro might be because of the retina display. Because it is only on my Mac Book and in Chrome. I think I am just going to live with it. All it is is a little darker blue in my divs.


I ran my code the the w3c valdator and it looks good except for the php in the footer for the date,

<p id="copyRight">© 2008 - <?php echo date("Y") ?> - Midwest Web Design Studio</p>

it says that HTML5 does not support it, but it works so I am going to leave it alone for now.


By the way I got that line of code from you, Andrea, a few months ago. Thanks I use it a lot. :D


I am done with the site. Thanks

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The menu still jumps when you hover over anything but 'About'.


For the FB thing - and this is just a guess - add a height to the .fb-like class and see if that takes care of things.


Here is your clericalled copy: (I've bolded what I changed)


Your Place For All of Your Web Design and Development Needs


Well, it looks like you are looking for a web designer/developer. You have come to the right place. Here at MidWest Web Design Studio, I will strive to build you a custom site to your the specifications that you would like. I will meet with you, (Id' change that, unless you want just local clients or travel for those meetings) and together we will come up with a custom web site plan that meets both your needs and your budget.


I will build you a basic site or a content management system (CMS) site for you, depending on your needs. This will totally depend on your needs. You may be asking what I mean by a basic site or CMS. The basic site would consist of three pages or more. With an about, services and a contact page. An cms goes a little farther. It has things like a log in, a back end for you to make content changes yourself. Other things that it might include are passwords, users, user accounts for e-mailing just to name a few.


Actually, I'd leave the entire paragraph about the CMS out - that just confused people You can do that in that meeting - or save the more detailed info for a different page, for those you do want more details. -- But that's just my subjective opinion



Most importantly, you probably want to know the cost of building and maintaining your site. The cost of building your site will vary depending on exactly what you want and how fast you need it done. As far as the maintaining of your site it is $15.00 a year to get a domain name, your site name. To put your site on line you will need an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This can very anywhere from $120.00 to a few hundred a year. Although I have some good news on that part, if you use my ISP I will charge only $50.00 a year! [i still think you mean Hosting Account, not ISP]



That paragraph, I'd re-write, too. Maybe...


The cost of building your site will depend on your needs. In addition to that, you will need to reserve your domain name (approx. $15/year), and you will need a hosting account (starting at under $5/month).


Something like that, anyway.


And you might also want to make your titles a bit more SEO friendly - stuff like 'home', 'contact', and 'about' isn't going to do much for you.

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Well I fixed all of the grammer. Thanks bunches!!! Also fixed the jumping links. The facebook thing I am at a loss. Tried all kinds of stuff, moving the div inside of the content, adding height and a lot of other stuff. Some day I will figure out what is causing it. I did a lot of fine tuning, like getting rid of the | after the last link. I changed the footer to be inside of the content instead of full width bottom:0 because I am going to add stuff down there.


THANK YOU for all of your help even with out asking. You Rock Girl!!

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That works. I put it in my footer and on my localhost no more jumping. I was thinking it has something to do with my code. But I went and looked at my sites in my portfolio and they all do that little jump, although not a prominent as my site. I got the facebook code from the facebook developer page, which I am sure you can tell. Maybe I should try writing my own and see if that changes things then I would know if it was there code if it went away.

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