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How to turn a jpeg photo into 'wallpaper' for my web page


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Just define it as the background of the HTML or Body tag in your CSS.


That said... not a great idea.


For one it is very large. Web sites should not weigh over 50kb, odds are the picture alone is more than that and will load very slowly.


Second, photos tend to have large variations between dark and light as well as colors. This will wreak havoc on the users trying to read text that keeps fading in and out of the background. Lots of eye strain and can really make the site unusable to those with visual, concentration or reading impairments. You really have to fade it down a lot and then it sort of defeats the purpose.


It is doable, but to get it doen in a way that will not cause issues for the users or look bad takes alot of time and is basically more work than it is worth.

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Bearing in mind what LSW said, if you make your background-image very faint so that it's just a ghostly image it will not affect the ability to read text over it and it will be a smaller file size because of the lack of deep colors.


See http://www.wickham43.net/backgroundfullwidthflexible.html


Or make the background-image nearly black and have a white color for text (not so easy to read but it works).

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