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Why,if technology has advanced in the past few years,do websites still seem so ... outdated(for lack of a better word)?

I mean,with HTML5 and CSS3 I'd expect every site to make use of it and implement 3D animations and similar effects into their designs(sure you can do that with javascript,but it's easier with CSS,right?).


Is it possibly because of Internet explorer and all the other bad browsers that they're restricted or is it something else?


~Curios Oak~

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The main thing is that there are millions and millions of people using the web, and not everyone has the latest browsers that take advantage of the latest features. Not everyone is technically inclined, so there are a lot of people who have outdated browsers and don't want to be bothered to upgrade. Also, IE had definitely held progress -- they are only recently getting HTML5/CSS3 functionality that other browsers have had for a long time. Here's a pretty useful chart discussing browser support for various HTML5/CSS3 features: http://fmbip.com/litmus


Secondly, just because there are fancy effects and animations doesn't mean that they are appropriate to use. It's a similar situation to the Geocities era -- just because you can have animated gifs, marquees and change the cursor doesn't mean it's a good idea. Animations and effects have to be done sparingly and with the user/user experience in mind. They have the potential to be distracting, look tacky and unprofessional.

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OK,i agree with you that excess is bad,but a little bit here and there,just enough to give it that "out there" feeling,can't be that bad...

Depends on the feel you are going for. Like I said, it has to be subtly used, and it can't distract from the purpose of the site. Overall, fancy effects and animations are better suited to personal, experimental sites rather than professional corporate sites.

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Yeah, i never realized just how many people out there are using outdated browsers until i became a bench technician and started seeing it for myself on a daily basis. It is jaw dropping!


The net moves at the pace of the slowest to adapt. :(


In a larger observation, I think that goes for a lot of things... not just the Internet. Laws, societal changes, etc.

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