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I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here but I like to map out things in my head well in advance.

I've just learnt the very basics of HTML and CSS. Now I'm starting the Javascript videos (much more difficult).

But I'm just doing a bit of thinking out loud here.

When I've finished further learning on Javascript, HTML and CSS (maybe another 6 - 8 weeks).



Then I am wondering about this:

1. Is it possible to start an ecommerce site on drupal without php knowledge?

2. Is it better to first learn php and then go on to create a drupal based ecommerce site?


I'd imagine that it would take at least a year if not more experience to build a decent customized php ecommerce site/(?).

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It shouldn't take you nearly that long ... 1 year seems excessive to me. I am sure Drupal has a few e-commerce plug-ins that will make it easier for you to set up than you'd think.


... That said, Drupal can be itself very complex. I haven't used it in a few years but that's what I hear about it today.


Once you understand HTML and CSS JavaScript or PHP are viable choices. Take your time and be patient with understanding the basics ... once you crack that nut, the rest will come much more easily. And remember, writing code is the way to learn ... don't wait on that. Start writing super simple JavaScript or PHP code asap.



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Thanks for the replies and based on the information I'm going to do the PhP modules first.


I found a Drupal specific commerce (that's what made me think of Drupal)--- here's the link: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/

So maybe I will build an ecommerce site first on drupal and then I can go about coding up a customized one using PhP from the tutorials -- in a slow process.



I've covered basic CSS and HTML videos and just finished Javascript & Jquery videos. Javascript is a more difficult and slow learning process. I'll have to practice on this for a few more weeks I reckon and look at HTML5/CSS3.

Im doing about 25 study hours per week and learning this stuff is quite enjoyable which is really pushing me on. I hope it continues to be as interesting.

Sometimes, I wish I had of found it earlier.... so much to learn and feel like it's playing catch-up.








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