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Guest pjmccormick

Hey guys....I'm new here, and new to JQuery too, and for some reason JQuery (and JavaScript in general) and I just don't see eye-to-eye.


Here's my problem. I'm working on my portfolio site, trying to get a loading gif to display until images that I display using Innerfade are finished loading. I have two instances of Innerfade--one that starts immediately when you go to my website (it chooses a project at random from the database) and one that starts when you click a star to select a project.


The gif is in a div called "#loading," and I want it to display while the Innerfade content is loading and then go away. I have tried several ways to accomplish this, but no matter how much sense my tactics make in my head, JQuery refutes my attempts as futile, and then laughs in my face.


Anyone got some JQuery chops?


Check out what I've got right now: www.mynameispj.com

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