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CSS Menu ::: How To


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ul {
   list-style: none;

ul li {
   float: left;

Is one way to get things horizontal (and remove the bullets).


You have several errors in your code - your list should look like this:




Mac Version
Windows Version

Contact Us

and 'size' is not a valid selector.

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In addition to Thelma's response, the invalid 'size' selector seems to be indicating that you are trying to set the width of the hyperlink. You would use 'width' instead. (i.e. width: 200px; )


Finally, after you fix the html (per Thelma's example), you will need to use a small script to for IE6 so that the dropdown will work.

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There are many examples on the web. The examples below are easy and not code-complicated.


Left Menu (vertical)



Top Menu(horizontal)


There's still a large number of IE6 users out there and so you will still need to use some script to make them work.

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i added Thelma's code

it looks like this now


No you haven't - at least not on the page this link goes to. You still don't have the list itself coded correctly - and you're missing the to CSS parts I gave you - one of which would also remove the bullets.
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You may want to look again at my earlier post (Post # 2 in this thread) where I clearly state that your HTML for your list is incorrect - you are missing the opening and closing

  • tags around the entire thing - and I posted the code that you should have. I also gave you some CSS to add to your CSS - specifically for ul and ul li - is there any reason you don't want to try that - or you have tried it and it didn't work?
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You need to be a bit more specific about what you really want - in the very first post in this thread, you say "How can I make it horizontal' - well, actually, you said 'how i can make it horizantal', but I think it means the same thing. ;)


Now you want to make it vertical.


Is it possible you may want your main list horizontal, but the sub items vertical under them?

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Dear Thelma


my menu looks like stairs, which i do not want.

first of all i want the submenu hidden by default, and should apear on mouse over.


when i solved this problem, then i will learn how to make it horizantal.

(i also want to learn the ocde for vertical, but later)




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