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I don't believe in Pay-per-click, so your paying allot of money because people clicked on your sites banner... does no good if they don't buy anything or you don't sell things... it is just a money drain.

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I am no specialist in SEO, but from the classes I took on the subject several ways to increase ranking are as follows:


Paid advertising with a link to his site on sites with high page ranking to increase his backlinks.

Articles written about his product with a link to his site in ezines.

Posting in subject related forums with a link back to his site (if allowed)

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Yea that is about it.


Use theme important keywords or key phrases in Headers (without stuffing them, the header should read normally.)


Metatags are not of much use any more but it dopes not hurt to have them in case the SE gop back to using them in the future. Also consider phrases. Would you search for "Web design" or would you search for "Web designers in Juneau Alaska" or "Flash designers in Kalamazoo County", " web Accessibility designers in Alaska", "Female web designers"... The point being that you just want web designers in your area or meeting specific goals, you do not want every web designer to ever be indexed in 25 years all over the planet. So use lots of phrases to describe the site.


In the end, if they want to rank well or Nr. 1... you have to pay the price to get the links topside, money speaks louder than SEO plans.


Also remember that SE are blind. They do not rank you on how pretty the site looks. So make the site accessible to Blind users and it will rank better with blind search engines. Good structure, good navigation, good content, as error free as you can get it.

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Hi guys for your responses.


When you say:


"Use theme important keywords or key phrases in Headers"


does it means SE look at header tags (H1, H2, etc.) first?


So, what about navigation menus (I use UL - LI tags), will SE look for those tags at the first place too?

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Yea, that is an example of correct structure. Using lists improves navigation for blind users and hence SEs. Otherwise use H tags in the correct order and be sure to have the most descriptive words in them.


Accessible web development for Juneau and SE Alaska. "Everyone has the right to surf!"


Mentioning the web site/business name is optional, it will be rare that anyone is searching for the web site directly. But this targets that I do not just build web sites, I develop accessible web sites. And I am in Juneau and SE Alaska specifically, but of course could handle all of Alaska or anywhere for that matter. Then I included my Motto that tips them off as to what I believe and do, maybe giving them an idea what accessible means or curious enough to ask.


It makes it clear to sighted, blind users and search engines what i do, so the search engine can categorize me better as they want to give the user the type of sights they want. So I will be indexed as web development, accessibility, Juneau, Alaska and SE Alaska. This makes the SE "Happy."

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