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Found 1 result

  1. I got an email form my host, letting me know my site's been temporarily taken down due to suspicious activity. Apparently, 3 files are affected: /wp-content/wpspl-load-compat.php /wp-includes/wpspl-load-compat.php /wp-includes/wpn-sops.ph Nothing comes up when I google those file names, and since I still haven't learned PHP, I also don't really know what's going on - but mention of backdoors and such really makes me wonder. And entering a mentioned url - packetstormsecurity.org and seeing Putin..... I'm just not clear if I can just delete the entire file - below is what's in the compat file inside the includes folder - or do I need to just clean something. And after that? As far as I know, I'm running the latest WP version and my password should be pretty solid, too. I got an error message trying to include the content into <> - maybe because it's so large, and it was also too large to attach the file, so here it is: PHP Code in Notepad Doc