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Found 2 results

  1. I plan to add future posts to this as I come across anything worthwhile. As computers grow faster the ability to crack passwords improves. If you are still using 8 character passwords, it can be cracked in minutes. Add to that the eventual use of quantum computers by governments and one day maybe all of us... ANY password will be cracked in minutes. A computer can compare pre-listed common hashes at about 350 Billion a second. Also stay away from dictionary words. There are two primary attack types: Brute force: The attacker will just run his computer through combinations (a, ab, abc, abc1, abc2, etc.), literally using brute force of computing power to try every possible comination and for a average computer 8 characters is childs play. Dictionary attack: This is running through common words and includes modifying them (horse, Horse, h0rse, H0rse, H0r$3, etc.). Again, a really easy way to attack. So here are a few suggestions from me: The longer the password, the better. You really should be using 12 characters at a minimum and I would suggest more like 14 - 18/20. Use a password manager so you need not remember them all and can use randomly generated gibberish. Move away from Passwords and use Passphrases. Lyrics, Poem lines, Quotes, etc. These can be complete with spaces and you need not have special characters or numbers. It would also be more easily remembered than "C9bgTkYhd9dr". You can type them without dealing with special characters that can be a pain on a mobile device and you have really long lengths. Stay away from dates, those can be guessed like wedding date, kids birthdays etc. Stay away from pets or their names, breeds, etc. Stay away from children's information. Stay away from favorite things like authors, bands, hobbies as these may be guessed as well. Maybe use other uncommon languages, I have used Potawattomee, Tklinget, Gaelic. You need not even know the language, use a dictionary and see how your favorite animal is called in Gaelic "Winter Horse" in Gaelic will not be quickly broken, there are at least 4 forms of Gaelic, so I have to break not only what you like, but Irish, Scottish, Nova Scotian gaelic or Whales? And the name may include weird character groupings and special characters. If you remember what it was in English you can just look it up to remind yourself again. Never ever repeat passwords for other sites. Make each unique. Never give it out... to anyone. Hope you decide to get more secure and get some ideas from what I post here in the future. LSW
  2. Twitter: We Goofed; Change Your Password Now https://www.databreachtoday.com/twitter-we-goofed-change-your-password-now-a-10972
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