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Found 4 results

  1. Here I will be listing videos I come across on the subject of securit. There is now way to denote new one so you need to just keep coming back, I will add the dates as of all new ones: CIS / MS-ISAC (Center for Internet Security & Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center) Sex, Lies and Mobile Devices: The Seedy Underworld of Mobile [in]security (58 min.) - You will be surprised and I hope disturbed by what all your "Devices" (some of those being devices you did not even know about) and what they are collecting about you and selling for their profit and you have no way to stop it anymore even if you know about it, and many times you will not! Assorted Media Blueborne - Android Take Over Demo (1:43) - This is a demo showing how in less than 2 min., using the BlueBorne attack, a pretend "Hacker" gets into a cell phone without the owners knowledge and activates the camera to watch her. The phone is an Android, put this attack is a Bluetooth vulnerability that affects ANY bluetooth device. It could also be your microphone or apps you use. does your phone sit where it can view your screen or your private activities? Does you Laptop sit open or is there a web cam on your PC and are these in your bedroom? Are sensitive files saved in a simple folder or are they at least in an encrypted container? [10/25/2017] Trape (10:33) - Trape is a so called people tracker. This video shows how to use it. Now this is a hacker tool, but I want you to understand how easy it is for you to be manipulated. I need but set this up and send you a link which you click and I have you. I can mess with you, I can get data about you. I can see all your social accounts id I want to stalk you. I just have to be creative and you have to be lazy just once. This tool creates the fake pages that look just like the originals. NOTE: The fake address for the victims is an IP address first, then the google address to fake you out. Remeber the top domain is always the first. [11/9/2017]
  2. How to Start a Career in Cybersecurity: All You Need to Know https://thehackernews.com/2018/10/cybersecurity-jobs-salary.html
  3. Cyber Warriors Fight USAF's Most Active, and Secret, War http://www.airforcemag.com/MagazineArchive/Pages/2018/January 2018/Cyber-Warriors-Fight-USAFs-Most-Active-and-Secret-War.aspx Again, as I have stated before in different places here, Cyber Security is a case of National Security. It is estimated that the US will be missing some 3.5 million jobs in cyber security by 2021 and in the meantime Pres. Trump suggests joining the Russians for cyber security. If you, family, or friends are looking to get into a new field, cyber security is a great place to go. Have kids join the military for cyber training and experience any big company will love to hire later. For those not in the US, every nation now has cyber security embedded into their military and every nation is going to need cyber security in the coming years.
  4. Let us imagine I have gotten you riled up or just interested in Cyber Security, what now? Well I am preaching it and trying to convince you all that It is very important There is a major need for it There is big money in it But we at Killersites are simply here to help each other and the community. So here is how to help your community by helping teach Cyber Security: Announcing the Security Education Companion Security Education Companion by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) It is there to help you set up lessons and offers materials and tips. Air Force Association Cybercamps There are other ways as well like Air Force Association Cybercamps for kids. Even Canadians take part in CyberPatriot so I assume the camps can be in Canada too. Computer Clubs Many schools have computer clubs as well so track them down and offer to help the teacher in charge. If you think your starting to late or to old (your not), then at least try to recruit & train the next generation of cyber security specialists.
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