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Found 1 result

  1. Many of you may know or have at least seen advertisements for YubiKey, this is a physical USB key you insert into your PC or keyboard and allows you to open private accounts. It is a form of Universal 2 Factor Authorization (U2F) or 2FA (drop the Universal). If you use Google's app and when you sign into email you put in a code it gives you, that is software based 2 factor authorization. It simply means two things must match you before you get into accounts so just knowing you password is not enough. It can also be an SMS to your phone, or an application asking on your mobile device if it is you trying to get in. YubiKey and now Tutan Key from Google are simply the same thing using hardware. You must insert this key for example and use your password to reach accounts. The Military uses this in some places, corporations and federal governemnt. It may be a chip in an id card. Google is now going to be releasing Titan as a cheaper alternative to YubiKey, the likely leader in the industry and do so for only $20-$30. Titan Security Keys - Google launches its own USB-based FIDO U2F Keys https://thehackernews.com/2018/07/google-titan-security-key-fido.html
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