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  1. Sorry about that, i hope to have it fixed by tomorrow
  2. Hi everyone I developed a plugin for Photoshop, the plugin is a multilayer exporter for Photoshop. you select multiple layers or a group you want to export, and it will save it for you in a folder under the file name ** layer names will become the file name link to be Export Pro plugin http://sugarvds.com/ExportPro/ Q&A why the registration? basically this exporter is a beta, and I'm still developing it If you didn't register how would you know there is a new version and it's also a way for us to keep in touch from time to time which version of Photoshop it works on? CS5's on windows and mac(les tested) Will it ever cost money? I wish, it will help me develop more. but I can promise you it will always have a free version Try it out and enjoy,, If you find some bugs or you want to recommend an improvement, right here in the post I'll see it. And if you don't want everyone to see you can drop me a mail tnx ExportWiz
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