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  1. Hey can anybody tell me how to make web layout I want some basic rules of it and how can I improve my design. Please give me some special guidelines experts I'm so depress about my design and the worst thing is that I have no one to guide me so please give me some important tips thanks in advance...
  2. Sorry for my confusing question but I mean how to import javascript navigation bar into CSS though I have no knowledge of java. Like this examples http://sixrevisions.com/javascript/20-excellent-javascript-navigation-techniques-and-examples/
  3. Hey guys can any one tell me how to put java script of navigation bar into HTML CSS please I can't find any tutorial for beginner for that... Thnxxx in advance
  4. Hi i'm a newbie in designing web layout and I have read many blogs and have search many topics regarding color combinations. But still unable to get the right combinations. Please help i'm new to it and their is no one to guide me about this topic i'm asking you because I know here there are good bundles of experts who can give me some tips which can save my life and career I'm so depressed and start doubting my ability to be a good designer but I know I can do it but I no to guide me so please help.......
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