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  1. Hi LSW , Andrea 

    Known you both for many years, LSW was the master on MSN EVERYONE loved his posts in coding, then he found killersites, asked me to join, BUT never clever enough to do CSS, Andrea you look lovely, you have a strong way with words, i have nothing but respect for you both, Steff great man, love to all Les ( UK)



  2. Hi Kyle


    Its the Brit here, hope you are well and your family ?


    Gents, Kyle was a soldier in Berlin, as I was in the Brit forces in Berlin in the 60s, our trails cossed in the days of MSN communities, LSW as I knew him him then was an inspiration to all those who wanted to set up web sites, he never varied from being a great person who never looked down at us newbies, but just helped us so much, he is a mountain of knowledge


    Thanks Kyle

  3. This question gets asked allot, so here are the basic possibilities, they can be mixed and matched to whatever fits you or you plan on doing in the future. All you MUST know is the Base stuff, Scripting languages is normal and Soft languages would be a good idea.


    [i just whipped this up on the fly, so I expect other things I forgot to be suggested, hence added, so this is not the final list yet.]



    Base Knowledge:

    • HTML (HTML 4.2 now, but HTML 5 will become standard in another year or so, you can code it now if you like. XHTML is only for use with XML based languages like MathML)
    • CSS (CSS3 I guess)
    • XML (This more a data structure than an actual language, but can be useful in web sites)


    Scripting Languages:

    • JavaScript (most common)
    • Action Script (if you get into Flash)
    • VBScript (Old fashioned)


    *Soft Web Programming Languages: (Simple Web Sites)

    • PHP (most common)
    • Perl
    • Python (more rare)
    • VisualBasic (Old fashioned)


    *Hard Programming Languages: (Industrial/Corporate/Commercial web sites)

    • Java
    • C#



    • Classic ASP (a structure, not a language. Generally Visual Basic. Not recommended)
    • .NET (Modern ASP & can be used with the above languages, aka PHP.net, C#.net. C# being the current industry standard)
    • Ruby on Rails (becoming more popular)
    • Flash Builder (The program formerly known as Prince Flex. Flash based technology)
    • 'CMS' Content Management System (You need to understand what they do and how they help you and the customer, includes Drupal & WordPress as examples)


    * I decided to break these up, Soft meaning basic web use. Hard being those languages to create robust Web Applications for more serious development of applications for web or desktop development.

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