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  1. I'd be willing to help you when you want, I found CSS really super frustrating and feel you when you say you find it all yea hard to do.

    I'd love to help a similar person to what I used to be like.

    Let me know and take care,


  2. Hi , i started learning smarty languages conbine with cms made simple... I need to find good information about this . how to ++ every single page each other... anybody uses it here ?
  3. Thx.... I finish HTML and started CSS its far away harder for me to understand border padding margin how pixels push each other... margin: 0 auto; and that kind of things confusing... how to get better understanding about all page layout?, how to train myself ,how to start feel and do right with pixels ? many thx ... can write answer to : arturas.semeniukas@gmail.com i am siting all days on learning, and too much information get me a little confusing..
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