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  1. OK, based on the feedback above, I did fix a bunch of the issues, and I learned how to use padding. I still have tons of questions, but I'll limit to a few biggies: First, I have run the main page through a web validator...it found 21 errors, but I can't figure out what the explanations mean. I have a pretty decent book on webpage design, but it still seems like there is a whole language that I don't understand when reading these forums, tutorials, etc. Any suggestions? Next - how do I put the code for the parts of each page that stay the same in one place only so I don't need to maintain the common areas on each separate page? I'd like to align the logo artwork and the menu better in my header. Currently, when I make the logo image bigger, the menu text moves down...I guess it is actually "below" the logo, not "beside" the logo like I think it should be. Finally, the template that I used has a main page area that is intended to fill about 2/3 of the page and a sidebar area for the other 1/3. On some of the pages, I'd like the main page to reach completely across...further, I'd like to create a "grid" of pictures that link to other sites with a brief text passage attached to each picture. Currently I can only make them as a vertical list. (Specifically on the pages http://hotbotz2640.org/pinkalliance.html and http://hotbotz2640.org/williepage.html) Thanks in advance for any help...this continues to be quite a learning experience. I hope to get to a point where I feel comfortable to "teach" the basics to one of the students in the group, then have them take over.
  2. Thanks for the above fix - I've already implemented that code and it looks very nice. Yes - I would actually like to know how to do it properly...the project should ideally be done by the students on the team, but this year I'm trying to learn how it works then next year I'll turn it over to a student webmaster. That being said, the more I can learn, the better!
  3. I am using an HTML Template and CSS Stylesheet that I downloaded from a free template collection. I have then customized much of the content to fit the style of the site I'm trying to design for my High School Robotics Team. Most of the code and formatting I have figured out rather easily, but there are some items I just can't seem to change. I have some text at the bottom of my site that is a light gray color on a pink background. I'd like to change it to a darker color (or perhaps even white) but nothing seems to work. I've gone through both the css file and the html file and changed every font color I can find to white, and the text in question stays gray. Is there any kind of search I can do in my code to find where the formatting is coming from? Here's the link: http://hotbotz2640.org/ The css page is "style.css" (just add the file name after the homepage to see it's code.)
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