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  1. Hello khanahk, hello Ben, for understanding problems I'm using english right now. I like your idea of learning german Yes, I'm 16 (3 month ago I was 15) and I've got my own small IT company for webdesign & customer support in germany. You can visit my website at it4need.de. Thank you for the tip with notepad++ but i'm using a mac and still use Netbeans as my PHP IDE. By the way the problem was solved and I'm learning so much with your courses Ben. Thank you for the big part of work! Best wishes
  2. Hello, thanks for the answer. I'm haven't WAMP/MAMP, I've got XAMPP at my work. At home I've got MAMP. The problem is that the script doesn't go to this line. The interpretor skips this if statement and go directly to the else line. // User is reqesting new password if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { } else { I don't know why. I tested it with the var_dump() function but I didn't find the problem.
  3. Hello, I don't know what I did wrong with the code. Here is the PHP Code: <?php // start the session & load configs session_start(); include 'includes/config.php'; include 'includes/db.php'; // form defaults $error['alert'] = ''; $error['email'] = ''; $error['pass'] = ''; $error['pass2'] = ''; $input['email'] = ''; $input['pass'] = ''; $input['pass2'] = ''; if(isset($_GET['key'])) { // User enter a new password } else { // User is reqesting new password if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { // process the form $input['email'] = htmlentities($_POST['em
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