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  1. You can visit the site here: http://cumberlandcreativegroup.com ; the login information and link are at the bottom. I've already extended the CMS platform quite a bit, adding an image management/upload system, along with a carousel manager. The issue I'm running into is with the DOM, and I think it's because I'm using bootstrap responsive. Anyways, a couple problems, and they'll stand out pretty quick is when the carousel slides, the overlay objects don't line up correctly. The first slide is fine, as it loads in the browser view (I'm assuming). The next problem is with float eleme
  2. Don't go doing all that. Move the HTML5 shiv to the top of your head before your CSS styles. Also, remember, IE7/8 mode in IE9 != IE7/8. The HTML5 shiv will not fire in those modes. Test your site out on a real IE7/8 install (use a Virtual Machine if you have to).
  3. I know IE6 is dead, but IE7 is still in widespread use (Trust me, I too wish it would die)... For now I still test in IE7 - as long as it renders OK I will let it go to publishing - but major errors like drop-down navs nesting behind carousels, etc. should be fixed if you want to reach 99% of your users. http://theie7countdown.com/ ^-- \o/
  4. Your code looks ok. Your email address may be getting changed though in the htmlentities function, or somewhere along the line as the script processes. If you call the var_dump() function on your various variables and arrays throughout the logic, you can get a pretty good idea of what's happening. For example, place the function var_dump($input); prior to the mysqli statement to see what the $input['email'] variable looks like right before it is passed to the database. In case you don't quite understand, here's a snippet... } else { var_dump($input); // chec
  5. pro: using the new standard con: old browsers freak out. you'll need to use a html5 shiv to support older browsers... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_Shiv
  6. as for your second problem, i'm assuming your <li> tags for the nav are styled with a float: left. floats will override any parent margin styles. ditch the float, and try using display: inline-block. here's an article detailing your woes. http://robertnyman.com/2010/02/24/css-display-inline-block-why-it-rocks-and-why-it-sucks/
  7. could it be the margin-top? just throwing out ideas, but in the future, you should consider putting your code into something like http://jsfiddle.net/ so that those who would like to help don't have to replicate your code from a jpg. -k
  8. Ok, great. I just wanted to confirm that I wasn't missing something. I was thrown into the Web Development position at the small company I work for after being hired as a A+ tech. I've only been programming PHP for roughly 9 months and I know the value of another pair of eyes (I'm on my own though, so I get lonely, lol). I emailed Stefan about this though, and I figured I'd post it here too as well. I can't continue the tutorial due to a problem with a video file. If I have to I can always dig into the completed source (and I don't want to do that). The video titled, "PHP Shopping Cart wit
  9. The problem with your JS is that once the footer hits the threshold to move it to the top then it'll never again move outside of the threshold (it's stuck there, forever). Instead of trying to rewrite this code, I'm going to suggest that this can be done purely with CSS. I believe I have the jfiddle I pulled this idea from on my MBP at home (and I will repost it when I find it). But here's the site I deployed with (I believe) what you're looking for. Check out jonah-mason.com. I used some weird hybrid of negative margins to pull it off (you're to need to either put a monitor in portrait or
  10. Over the summer I built my local city governments web site using Joomla (crossvilletn.gov). It was a very unique learning experience - one that I'll probably never do again (at least not unless I'm being paid a lot of money). The functionality of their package is unprecedented but the documentation is horrible - and while I understand they have a great community, nothing beats having a well-documented code base. I cannot always wait 2-3 days for an answer to come back and engage in a 5-10 day discussion over an issue I'm having. Learning their MVC framework was like picking at my eye b
  11. In the mean time you can install a 3rd party SMTP mailer such as PHPmailer or Swiftmailer. They're not the easiest programs to use and incorporate. However, once installed and configured correctly you never have to worry about googles smtp servers going offline.
  12. I'm enjoying the tutorials so far, they've given me a much better understanding of OOP code than I had before. I've written a pretty wide array of software using PHP such as image galleries, blogs, forums, comment engines, ticket systems, etc. and I'm kicking myself for not learning this stuff sooner. Anyways, in Video 12 I noticed on line 88 of m_categories.php that the strtolower function was being called on a string that's never going to change. eg: if ($active == strtolower('home')). Since $active is a variable that's being passed into the method by the controller, I assumed that s
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