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  1. I have been developing websites since 2003 and only recently was approached to develop an e-commerce site. I have been hesitant on doing an ecommerce site. About 4 months ago I thought long and hard that if I want to elevate my vast knowledge of web developing then I should at least start learning the art of e-commerce.


    I started reading Magento e-book on the ipad, similar platform like Joomla but a Joomla developer I know back home makes it sound much more hard.


    I started on a Wordpress Ecommerce Site for a close friend using the Woo Commerce plugin.


    Wordpress would be be best for starting and building a good elegant E-Commerce Website. But if serious to build a good E-Commerce then you need to use Good specially designed E-Commerce CMS. Magneto is popular E-Commerce CMS. I never used Magneto but using Joomla as it is easy CMS then Magneto.

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