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  1. Hello everyone, I am tying to build my first website and am pretty sure this question has been asked zillions of time so please dont be offended. I just do not know where to access the information?


    I want to create a Contact Us page, but do not know how to go about it :bash:

    Thanks for your help in telling me how, or in pointing me towards the right place to find the info so requested.

  2. I think I have mistakenly posted this as a reply to a posters post instead of STARTING MY OWN POST :angry:


    I just need help.

    I operate a small one man band business and 90% of all my customers are through referals/word of mouth.

    Could someone please kindly tell me how to get a website public?

    I have already obtained the services of a hosting company but want to know which tags are required to make the site visible to the web?


    I do understand most of the other tags: html, head, title, body, etc but not the <Doctype, Public, etc?


    NB: Hope one of the modurators will delete the post I sent as reply to another posters question.


  3. Hello Everyone, I am a newbie here and not that bright. Chances are the questions I am going to ask have been asked upteem times but I am not bright enough to locate them and read through? Hopefully, one of you helpful members and moderators will point me in the right direction.


    I operate a small basic business and just a ONE MAN BAND. Most (90%) ofmy work come from recomendations, but I want to just set up a basic website with no complications.

    Ater reading through the web design tutorials by Steffan, I can work out the html, head, title, body stuff with all the opening and closing metta tags.


    I just need help in determining what information I need to start the whole thing to get it public, like:

    >Doctype, Public, etc?

    it's leaving me in a state of confusion, even though Steffan says in his tutorials that it is a 'walk in the park'.


    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    NB: I already have obtained th services of a hosting company in advance of me producing and uploading my site. Wishful thinking I agree, but I am in no rush/hurry to go ''live''.

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