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  1. Fixed the pointing but its still not closing. Thanks
  2. That was a old link here is another where the problem persists. http://22twenty.com/cms Chrome: Version 24.0.1312.56 also wondering if theres a way with php to add a user to mysql, add database etc. Thanks
  3. Ok so that seems to be working however now the colorbox wont close on submit for anything(login, edit, save) etc and i'm wondering if theres any way to use mecury editor instead of tinymce? Thanks Denver
  4. I'm not sure Is it as simple as changing it to .on instead of .live? Denver
  5. So I should change the .live to .on? and you said you didn't know what this was -- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined colorbox.js:4 (colorbox.js)? Thanks Denver
  6. Removing that code doesn't change anything.
  7. I'm getting a no database selected with all the db connections set right. here http://22twenty.com/mycms Any ideas? fixed that but still have the popup problem.
  8. However now none of the popups are working you login with a popup fine but then click on dashboard and it brings you to a new page. The text editors do the same!
  9. Hmm I must of forgot the pass! Admin works! Thanks Alot! Denver
  10. Hello, I'm trying to login to the cms i i built with the tutorial. I get Invalid username or password! In the temp i put <?php echo md5('admin' . 'denver'); that gave me abb7619d2271090e75725e046315fdbe so i put that in my php db in the auth php file i have class Auth { private $salt = 'denver'; But its not logging in. Hope you can help Denver
  11. Dbarr

    Cms Series Questions

    Wondering where this gets its style? <div class="fp_edit" style="height: 110px; width: 760px; "> Denver
  12. Dbarr

    Cms Series Questions

    I have used wordpress and i was just hopeing to be able to use this one. and i'l ask around see what has to be done and the best way thanks!
  13. Dbarr

    Cms Series Questions

    What i meant is like have navbar with the ability to add pages(which are added to the navbar) without having to copy files etc.
  14. Dbarr

    Cms Series Questions

    Hello, i followed the how to build a cms series and ive got a functioning cms but i'd like to make a few additions i've figured out how to get a few options but i'd like the ability to have multiple pages that you can edit(duh) and if its possible it have the option to which it may read one of 2 css files. Thanks Denver
  15. Dbarr

    Mysql Errors

    I bought the how to build a cms series and i just want to test the hole thing before i learn it and when i set it up on the server http://22twenty.com/frontcms/ i get errors wherever there should be content. Hope someone can help Denver
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